When we started to create Vibrava, we knew that we will integrate any feature that is necessary alongside a very intuitive design that makes it the best vibrator app available on the market. Check out the features:

Pre-made Patterns

Vibrava has 6 pre-made vibration patterns that are known to be the most used and loved patterns

Custom Patterns

You can create your own vibration patterns and the creation process is made extremely easy for you

Run in Background

You can lock the screen and the vibrations will continue running in the background


You can setup a timer that will stop the vibrations automatically after a given time period

Remote Control

Control the vibrator of your partner from anywhere on the world!

Continuous Updates

We care about our users and we are constantly looking to keep up the best user experience by updating Vibrava


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The Vibrator App With The Most Features And A Very Elegant Design

There are many vibrator applications in stores, but most of them are simple on/off switches for the integrated vibrator in your device. We did want a lot more from a vibrator app, that is why we started to build our own.

Features like the creation of custom vibration pattern, remote control of the app and connection to vibrators via Bluetooth where features we put a lot effort into, but we also put much effort in creating an elegant, simple and easy to use interface.

We do not lie when we say that you will get the best and the full control over the built-in vibrator of your device or other supported external devices with this elegant vibrator tool!

Vibrava is the main mobile application we are working on right now but we're constantly developing new applications. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll keep you updated about Vibrava and our other apps.


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